SAFETY Any object, no matter how fragile, is handled, packaged and transported with the utmost care and attention and according to the most rigorous standards of safety. For additional protection of our customers belongings will be covered during the move by all-risk integral insurance.

SPEED Our experience allows us to perform each phase of the move - removal, packing, transport, reassembly - within a very short time, so as to ensure maximum comfort to our clients in the delicate moment of moving from one city to another or from the old to the new location.

PUNCTUAL  Collection/delivery times and transport arrangementsare agreed in advance and guaranteed by us.

PRECISION  Assembly or reassembly of even the most complex and voluminous furniture is carried out in accordance with very strict procedures that we adopted. Once at your destination, you will hardly notice that you belongings have been moved at all.

PROFESSIONALISM Our staff are highly trained in the moving and transport of any object, from the most delicate to the most complex, the most cumbersome to most valuable, which will arrive at their destination in perfect condition, wherever it may be.

EXPERIENCE More than forty years of experience are an additional guarantee of security for those who chose on Pagliuca removals. You wouldn't entrust your belongings or expensive items that adorn your home, office or a museum to the first passers-by?

VALUE FOR MONEY Your most precious and adored items and belongings deserve special attention. We will strive to eliminate any risk of damage during the move. We pride ourselves on offering a reliable and professional service of the highest quality at an unbeatable price.

HYGIENE We pack and transport your clothing, furniture and any other personal item  following the most strict and scrupulous hygiene standards. These requirements applyto all road vehicles and the packaging and transport material.
Cardboard boxes, packaging materials and transport containers used for clothing and mattresses transport are always unused.

Even the padding and special protection fabric used to move antique furniture is  unused or sanitized with specific products before use.

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