Home move

For each of us, our house is our world, it contains our memories, showcases  our tastes, is our family nest.

Is one of the most precious things we treasure. For all these reasons it's always better to rely on professionals who can be guaranteed to handle every item safely and with the utmost care.

Moving house doesn't mean simply carrying objects from one place to another, but ensuring that in the space of few hours, your entire world is completely reassembled precisely as before in your new chosen destination, even if it's thousand of miles away.

When you enter you new home you will feel immediately relieved to find everything already in place: a working kitchen, mounted lights, books on the shelves, your clothes in the closets.

Pagliuca ready-to-use service is our jewel in the crown. If you so wish we are able provide a full house moving service from the start. We can safely and accurately pack/wrap any object of your home, giving you complete peace of mind.

When dealing with either national and international household removals we specialize and are fully equipped for:

  • management of hydraulic and electric connections
  • disassembly and reassembly of furniture
  • carpentry restoration
  • cutting-edge  packaging technology
  • piano transport
  • safe box transport
  • artwork transport
  • short, medium and long term storage space for furniture, décor and artwork
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